Surkhi Bindi (2019)

  • Bollywood, Drama, Romance
  • 2h 2m

Rano a small town ordinary looking girl who works as a makeup artist in a salon in India and grew up dreaming of marrying a prince charming from abroad. But soon she realizes that she may not get her prince charming from abroad. She is a brilliant makeup artist, a profession that isn’t valued very much in small town India. However, Rano believed that this talent would somehow help her to go abroad and not only make a name for herself but also find her prince charming but, one fine day she gets thrown out of her job. This event agitates her father and she is forced to marry against her wishes, to an ordinary clerk Sukha. What unfolds next forms the crux of the story and how Rano has to fight against all odds to fulfil her dreams and how her husband stands by her and helps her fulfil her dreams.


Jagdeep Sidhu




India, English Subtitles