Baby Einstein Classics Series 2

  • Family, Kids, Educational
  • 4 Episodes

For young children, the world is bursting with wild and exciting new experiences. Season 2 organizes these ideas and concepts with each fun episode. From numbers and shapes to seasons and colors, little ones will enjoy a playful and stimulating introduction!


Baby Einstein: Numbers Nursery

Between 12 and 24 months, little ones become increasingly interested in more complex ideas and begin to explore numbers and counting. Numbers Nursery™ introduces little ones to numerals 1 through 5 in a captivating, interactive way that invites them to join in, clap their hands and count out loud.

Baby Monet: Discovering the Seasons

As babies grow and change, so does the landscape around them. From fiery red leaves to falling snowflakes; from flowers in bloom to fireworks in July, every season of the year has its own magic just waiting to be discovered. BABY MONET takes little ones on a sight-and-sound-filled journey through spring, summer, fall and winter using puppet shows, images of nature, children, toys, and masterpieces by Claude Monet set to excerpts from composer Antonio Vivaldi’s timeless “The Four Seasons.”

Baby Newton: All About Shapes

With the Dolittle, and other Baby programs under their belts, the tots who follow Julie Aigner-Clark’s Baby Einstein series will sidle up to Baby Newton expecting a similar exploration of building blocks to brilliance, but this time there’s a wrinkle or two. Animation makes its first appearance, and parents steeped in keep-it-simple culture may object to the springy “I Know My Shapes” song, a departure from classical-only video predecessors.

Discovering Shapes: Circles, Squares, and More

As babies develop, their understanding of the world, and how its pieces “fit” together, continues to progress. DISCOVERING SHAPES playfully introduces five basic forms circle, oval, triangle, square and rectangle as each appears in the context of toys, nature and everyday objects.