Baby Einstein Classics Series 3

  • Family, Kids, Educational
  • 4 Episodes

This season is all about the skills that will help your babies begin to communicate. From exploring sounds, music and movement to hearing new and interesting languages, your little mover and shaker will encounter a treasure trove of ways to express themselves.


Baby's Favorite Places: First Words Around Town

As babies turn one year old, they continue to develop their communication skills. Meanwhile, with you as their guide, they also begin to explore the world beyond their front door. Baby’s Favorite Places presents them with a playful introduction to 20 words for the names of familiar locations from the market, to the library, to the local park.

Baby's First Moves: Get Up and Go

Within the first year of babies’ lives, their physical development begins to kick into high gear as they explore ways to physically interact with the world around them. BABY’S FIRST MOVES is a joyful celebration of their movement milestones – including first steps, clapping, jumping, dancing and more.

Baby's First Sounds: Discoveries for Little Ears

Perhaps the sweetest sounds you’ll ever hear are the babbles and coos that one day become ma-ma, da-da and I love you. Besides being music to your ears, these baby steps of language change everything as your little one discovers an exciting, powerful new way of relating to the world! Baby’s First Sounds invites both of you to share these memorable moments: those precious “firsts” that come around once in your baby’s lifetime.

Meet the Orchestra: First Instruments

At 12 months, babies can identify specific sounds, and they re also starting to match the sounds they hear with the objects that make them. Meet the Orchestra™ – First Instruments presents your little “maestro” with a playful introduction to the sights and sounds of a real orchestra – from the clashing of cymbals to the purring of the cello and everything in between!